Basic information:

Trust us – we are the best choice for large-scale production of small-sized goods.

For the production of large-scale, small-sized elements, the most proven method seems to be punching. It is characterized by high speed, high impact frequency and quick tool change.

Maximum thickness of cut materials:

  • black steel up to 8 mm,
  • stainless steel up to 8 mm,
  • aluminum up to 8 mm.


Does your company produce elements in small and large sizes, but in very large quantities? If you want professional processing of the goods you create, choose tool cutting from the proposed CNC services. We guarantee a quick process thanks to high speed, high impact frequency and quick replacement of cutting elements used in devices from our well-equipped machinery.

Achieving the expected shape

The machines we use allow the customer to receive a large-scale product in the shape he expects. CNC machining as part of the tool punching we offer is carried out on elements made of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum with a thickness not exceeding 8 mm (due to the capabilities of the equipment we use).



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