Basic information:

Response to customer needs: warehousing and warehousing offer

We make sure that the goods stored with us are properly secured and do not suffer any damage during transport. We protect them in accordance with our standards or specifications provided by the client. Moreover, we not only guarantee the possibility of storage until the indicated pickup time, but, if necessary, we also ensure the possibility of delivery to the indicated address using our means of transport. In this way, we try to best respond to the needs of each client.


The CNC department has a large warehouse area intended for storing ready-made elements until they are picked up by the customer or delivered by our means of transport at the designated time.

In order to ensure smooth and safe deliveries to our large customers, we offer the possibility of maintaining a buffer stock for serial elements.

Packing and securing elements can be done in accordance with the standards adopted by LEANN or, at the individual request of the customer, according to the presented specifications.



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