Deburring and grinding


Basic information:

Our company offers a variety of CNC services to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. The basis of our activity is laser cutting, metal punching and machining, to which we add final stages that increase the effects of the processes performed – surface deburring and directional grinding of details. In the case of metals and plastics, the purpose of these activities is to improve their external appearance or technological properties. To achieve the expected effect, we use machines to break sharp edges, which, due to their flexibility, can be used to ensure the finishing of components in many shapes and sizes.

Surface deburring and directional grinding – better results for companies

Details processed as part of the cutting or punching process retain sharp edges (called burr in the industry), deposits (in the case of using oxide) and spatters, which may cause damage to the systems for which they are intended. The CNC services we offer will remove any problems, breaking sharp edges and ensuring proper operation in all conditions and safe use of the material.


Breaking sharp edges as part of the deburring service and directional grinding of details is part of our offer addressed to companies operating, among others, in the automotive, medical and aviation industries, where precise processing ensuring a smooth surface is very important. We carry out activities as needed using devices from our well-equipped machinery park.

Our grinding machines are very flexible and can be used to provide a high quality finish to components of many shapes and sizes.

  • breaking of sharp edges
  • surface deburring
  • directional sanding.



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