Basic information:

It is really worth using our CNC services, especially if you want a perfect end result and an efficient process. See for yourself by submitting an inquiry via our website!

In this service area, we work on various machines, adapting the sizes and thicknesses of bent elements to a specific bending machine.

Maximum parameters of bent elements:

  • material thickness up to 12 mm,
  • length up to 3 meters.


Our company offers clients from various industries a range of services related to precise processing of various types of materials. One of them includes edge bending, for which we use special devices (including presses) from our well-equipped machinery.

Leann CNC services – tailored to your needs

The machines we use allow us to achieve the expected effect, guaranteeing a high degree of precision and accuracy. They can be used for various types of materials according to each customer’s requirements. Due to the types of available devices, we undertake edge bending for materials with a thickness not exceeding 12 mm and a length of up to 3 m.



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